13 February 2010

Blogger problems.

(This is a Jack Kirby image that depicts what I want to do to teh intronets.)

So yeah. My blog empire has some issues. The calendar dates don't show up on the posts and comments are all wonky. (Unless you are a Japanese computer. Japanese computers seem to have no problems leaving me comments.) If anyone has any suggestions then lay them on me. See, here is the deal. I use a format with two sidebars. Blogger, does not really support that. This is why I did not send them a Christmas card. And yeah, I know... Wordpress. But I can't figure out a way to use Wordpress for 100% free. My intronet empire is build in 100% free so I'm stuck in Bloggerville for the time being. At least it ain't Facebook. Oh, and another thing I need is a free online portfolio web page generator template thingamahootchie. I've looked at a couple but they only allow about 5 galleries at 25 images per gallery. How about infinite images. That would be cool. And yeah, I know... Flickr. But , I really don't want another email address. And didn't Yahoo help the Commies or something?
So. In short. Somebody please make me more awesome.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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