20 May 2010

Original Small Bible art for sale!

I am offering nine pages of original art from my Small Bible minicomic over at my Crooked Finger Press store.  These are the original one of a kind drawings in pencil and pen on 8 1/2 X 11" card stock.  They are perfect for framing and would make a perfect gift for any Bible art fan or fan of awesome looking stuff. The prices are flat out stupid cheap for original art.  Of all my comics work so far, these are the pages of which I am most proud. 

Rob Clough of Sequart, High-Low and The Comics Journal online had this to say about the comic:

"This is a clever mini that's about points of view and description. Taking key portions of the Old Testament, Smith quotes extensively from Stephen's Defense in the Book of Acts, then quotes the original scripture, then provides an illustration--all in just 9 pages. It's a clever comic that's both a straightforward depiction of an event, and a commentary as an interpretation of an interpretation of an event that may or may not have happened--but has enormous importance. Joann Sfar's Rabbi character in THE RABBI'S CAT described Judaism as different from Western (Hegelian) thought, which is thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The history of Jewish thought, he explained, is thesis, antithesis, antithesis, antithesis, and so on. This mini is another step in the argument, providing a visual interpretation of the events that is action-oriented on nearly every page. An angel dramatically swoops in to prevent Abraham from sacrificing Isaac; Moses gets a magic glowing staff from god that cures snake bites; various epic battles are fought. Smith gets across the quite visceral experience of reading the Old Testament, a tact that is quite different from the purposes of either Stephen or the original Torah. It's quite a clever little project."

Please check out the original art category of my little store to take a look at all the pages.

If you know anyone that might be interested in these pages then please spread the word.  Thanks pals!
Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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