16 August 2010

New Spaghetti Junktion comic! C'mon feel teh noise!

Hey pals!  I just posted a new comic over at the brilliantly named Shannon Smith Comics.  And by "new" I mean that it's over a year old.  It has already been published in a couple of anthologies but it has never ran in any of my own comics and it has never been on teh intronets.  So, unless you read those anthologies or unless you secretly live in my basement with Gollum then it is totally new to you.  High five!  Your day just got fantastic!  I wanted to color it but, ya know, I'm busy with stuff like changing the kid's litter box and making sure the cats do their homework... So, like, what are you waiting for?  Go read the comic!

Oh and like, tell 1000 people about it on twitter and facebook and stuff already.  C'mon!  I'm going to be rich and famous, that is a fact, but if you want to get in on the glory you'd better start spreading the word now pal.  Otherwise you wont' be able to say, "I remember when Shannon was just some guy on teh intronets asking me to spread the word and then I did and now he's richer than the Kardashians and it's all thanks to me".  So yeah.  Get to work pals!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

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