22 September 2010

Shannon Smith publishes, edits and contributes comics to Shiot Crock 16.

Earlier this year Shannon Smith published, edited and contributed comics to the sixteenth edition of the Shiot Crock anthology.  You can find out more about the book here.  You can purchase the book here.  What follows is a sampling of comments from other contributors regarding Shannon's work on the book. 

Barry Rodges: The Last Days of Analog: I’ve always liked your stories, and the art is real and simple. By that I mean, you don’t seem to be trying to make your work seem showy or pretentious. It seems like you just sit down and start drawing and this is the final product. I like that. That being said, it seems like the first page of this strip was done at a different time than the rest of it. With the addition of backgrounds in all the panels, this page seems more complete than the pages that follow. The first page reminds me of the straight-forward comics of Joe Chiapetta. The rest of it gives me a kind of “web comic” feel. Not, bad, just not measuring up to the first page.
The Nouveau Poore: Funny. Being from the south, I always find southern accents written out both hilarious and peculiar. And there ain’t much better than the panel with the cat pulling the guy in the wheelbarrow while smoking a pipe.
That Jimmy Hendrix Biblical Thing: Nice art. I wish all your stuff had this much care put into it. So you don’t draw perfect? So what? I like the effort put into this. The different “camera” angles, the layout of the panels, all nice stuff. 

Sean Robinson: Of all your stories, I liked the Last Days of Analog best, both visually and story-wise. I especially like the horse-hustler and the impossibility in beating him- I certainly had friends that were unstoppable in any competition when there was something for them to gain. It's also the story of yours that relies the most on gray tones instead of cross hatching, and that serves your very loose figure drawings better than the cross hatching, IMHO. 

Mark Campos: There are those Spaghetti Junktion Kids again. Good to have this story in good repro. The other two pieces are fine and funny, I like that O-possum. 

John Platt: Holy crap, I love that last line. Delightfully weird. 

Lupi: Last Days of Analog - great story. I think the best thing about the artwork here is the swoopy poses. It reminds me of those old cartoons where the animators used a lot of curvy lines and creative movements to tell stories.
Nouveau Poore - The kid in the barrel made me LOL, especially the very last line.
Hendrix - Obviously a lot of work went into this one. I like attention to form and texture. Nice work.
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