12 April 2011

2011 Appearances. Fluke, HeroesCon and SPX.

Ah, can you smell the comics in the air?  That's right true believers, it's convention season again.  Shannon Smith and the File Under Other Experience are packing up the tour bus and getting ready to bring the finest in hand crafted comics to a town near you. 
The first stop will be on April 23rd in Athens GA for the Fluke Mini-Comics and Zine Festival.  This is Fluke's 10th anniversary.  A lot of my most favorite people will be there.  You should too.
The next stop on the non-denominational mystery tour will be on Indie Island at HeroesCon in Charlotte NC June 3rd, 4th and 5th. HeroesCon has it all.  Legends, current fan favorites, indie stars, mainstream stars, dealers, t-shirts, nerd/hipster paraphernalia and me.  It's the second happiest place on Earth.
The last stop scheduled on the tour (so far) is the Small Press Expo in Bethesda MD September 10 and 11.  I've been wanting to go to SPX for about eight years and this year I'm finally going to pull it off.  The tables were booked up right after they were announced but I got to work early this year and landed a spot before they were gone.  This will be a new deal for me so I'm super excited.  
 Isn't that exciting!!!!!!!

I plan on having new comics for sale at each stop.  I'm working on a lot of different things but I'm going to break some of it up into little mincomics for Fluke and Heroes and then finally release everything in  my nice thick "complete" collection at SPX.  (Maybe a sneak peak by Heroes if you say your prayers at night.)  And I'll be glad to sketch for you and all that fun stuff.  I'm there for you folks.  I'm there for you.  

And for comics creators that would like to see their stuff reviewed at file under other (and/or some other places I may be reviewing stuff) there is no better way than to get me your comics than handing them to me at a show.  I'm way super very much behind on reviews but I seem to get to the stuff in my convention round up posts faster.

So yeah, you should totally come and see me at all of those shows.  I'll update more what I'll be bringing to each show as we closer to the dates.
See ya there suckers!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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