08 June 2011

#RockingSoHard on sale now!

 Okay teh intronets.  It's official.  My new real world paper comic book #RockingSoHard is on sale now!  Somebody call Wallstreet, the recession is over!  That's right pals, for just four American dollars you can buy paper joy.  Paper. Joy. 
 #RockingSoHard is a 24 page 8 1/2 X 7 inch black and white minicomic with the most obnoxious full color cover human eyes have ever seen. 
Now about four of those 24 pages are titles, table of contents and author bio filler junk but I'm telling you, they are really cool filler pages.  Even without the filler there is a solid 20 pages of comics.  (None of which are actually about rocking but, hey whadayagonnado?)

I debuted #RockingSoHard this past weekend at HeroesCon and feedback has been very positive.  So jump on the #RockingSoHard bandwagon before I sell out.  You can buy it now at my Crooked Finger Press store.  You can also talk about how much you love #RockingSoHard on twudder using the #RockingSoHard hashtag magic.
The Hulk drinks to that!

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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