01 August 2011

The Illustrated Wallace Stevens (featuring your pal, Me).

Over the past week or so the Hooded Utilitarian has hosted a round table of artists brought together to illustrate several of Wallace Stevens poems.  I'm no poetry aficionado.  I knew very little of Wallace Steven's poetry going into this but I had a lot of fun working on my piece.  I illustrated his poem The Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man.  I'd love for you to check it out here and let me know what you think in the comments here or in the comments section below this blog post.  (Or twitter, facebook, google+ ... whatever googles your youtube*.)

I'm not going to talk much about my entry at this time.  I'd rather you just read it and let it mean to you whatever you think it means to you.  I will answer questions if you have any but I'll save most of my thoughts on the process for a longer post I plan to do using the piece as a how-I-make-comics-blog-post.  Don't you just love those?   Oh boy do I ever love 'em!  

Also, while you are over at the Hooded Utilitarian, you should check out their ongoing best of poll survey thing.  I contributed but I'm not going to say much about that at this time either because I'm saving it for a longer post.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith

* "google your youtube" is an expression I stole from Brad McGinty's comic Tub Flub.  Recommended. 
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