10 November 2011

#RockingSoHard reviewed in the Dollar Bin's SPX podcast.

In the way timey back days of October 2011, Adam and Shawn of team Dollar Bin discussed the wonderment of SPX 2011 on their fantastical podcast.  I should have mentioned that here long ago but that cat box won't scoop itself.  During said podcast they said several nice things about me (Shanon Smith) and my minicomic #RockingSoHard.  If I had a podcast, I would say nice things about them as well.  You should go right now and listen to that podcast.  They also talk about plenty of things that are not me.  You know, just in case you are also into things that are not me.  I can think of a solid half dozen or so things that are not me that I enjoy.  In moderation.
Also, you should buy #RockingSoHard right now because it is great.

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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