30 August 2012

I wrote a wrestling article for The Atomic Elbow. You should go buy it.

In the great way backy time of the first weekend of August 2012 my dad and I went and saw some wrestling about 50 yards from my desk in Lebanon, VA birthplace of one time fast food drive-thru guy Shannon Smith.  I wrote several million words about it all of which are fascinating, educational, spiritual and funny.  Then I edited them down to just a few pages minus all the educational and spiritual stuff.  You, dear reader, can buy those words with just a few American dollars in the latest issue of the world's greatest wrasslin' zine (that I'm aware of), The Atomic Elbow! 

Here is just a small sample of the quality award winning journalism I bring to the table when I write about professional wrasslin'.:
The contender was a young lady named Kayla Bishop.  Her nick name was something country girl related so the good people of Russell County were clearly going to be on her side.  The ladies champion was Sexy Kevina who is a man.  I used to work in a book store in midtown Atlanta GA so I've seen a lot of transvestites.  Kevina is the ugliest transvestite I've ever seen.  But, she's the champ.  

What happens next!  Will the country girl beat the transvestite!  Who knows?  I do that's who.  And if you want to know then you need to go buy 15 copies of The Atomic Elbow Issue 3 right now!

Exclamation point!

Oh, and here is a picture of me with Jimmy "The Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant just because. 

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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