12 November 2012

The semi-annual save Shannon's kids' Christmas fundraiser.

I should probably call this a kickstarter right?  People love to throw money at that junk right?  Oh well, it's not a kickstarter.  This is me selling my goods and services to you so that I may go and give that money to Monster High and La La Loopsy.  Commerce!  America! Yayy!

Basically, it is that time of year that I dig through the basement and turn my old stuff into new stuff for the kids.  Right now I'm selling a couple of old Star Wars theatrical posters.
The top poster is the real deal yo.  A Star Wars theatrical poster from 1977.  The 2nd photo is a reproduction of the real deal, a copy of the original teaser poster.  The copy was made in the late 70s or early 80s.  Both are super rad and awesome and you probably won't make it to 2013 alive without owning them.

I'll probably dig out some other things, comics toys etc.  But, what I would prefer to do rather than sell you my old stuff is draw new stuff for you.  That's right, I will draw pretty much anything you can imagine for $10 and up.  

I'm going to try to draw a lot over the next weeks.  These will be amazing drawings that you will want to pay money for.  So, check back often and make sure there is plenty of money on your credit cards and pay pal accounts.


Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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