15 November 2013

Hey, let's look at some pictures of my new "studio". (It's not a studio. It's a den.)

Hi there close personal friends who are deeply concerned about my whereabouts and well being.  How are you?  As you may know, I like to do creative things like write, draw, make comics, make music etc.  But what you may not know is that I have never really had a good space in which to do those things.  Sure, when I was a kid I had all the living room floor I could ever need to color my little pictures but once I grew up I never had a good space to work.  Most of the comics I have made were drawn on my lap or on an office break room lunch table.  (Brush & Pen was drawn in the back seat of a Ford Taurus.)
But all that is changing.
Since the passing of my dad I have been converting the den where he and I used to watch wrestling into a den where I watch wrestling and also can do some creative things.  
Some people would call this kind of space a "studio".  Those people are probably jerks.  It is still a den.  I will call it a den.  (And honestly, "den" is probably pushing it.  It's a basement.)
Hey, you wanna see some pictures of my den?  I'm kinda excited about it.  Let's look at those pictures now!
El Computro with a drawing tablet thing I've really not made the time to figure out how to use yet.  I like it though.  El Computro has Windows 8 on it.  I really like Windows 8 but what do I know about computers.  (I'm a professional IT consultant.)
My senior year of college I moved into a house with a bunch of musicians.  My bedroom was in the attic.  On the day I moved in, the attic room was completely empty except for some dust bunnies and this drafting table some guy left behind.  I've never had much time or space to use it.  I've drawn one comic on it. I think the first Phillip Henry story was drawn on it.  I hope to get used to it and draw like 10,000 pages of comics so try not to die before I do that.
Here is the desk where I do things for which I actually get paid.  (That IT consulting nonsense.)  I think this desk was hand made by my grandfather?  Maybe?
The Intimidator watches over me to make sure I do my best and give it my all.  I can't let him down.
Another view of where business gets done.
This is the part of the room where the opposite of business gets done.  What's that word for lying around and not working?  This is a good place for reading, playing some chess/checkers/tic-tac-toe and not working.  Not working is the best thing you can do.
Always keep your comics collection near the fireplace.  You never know when you might need to burn it all.
Oh, did I tell you guys that I have a recording studio?  Yeah, I have a recording studio.  (It's a 20 year old analog 4-track plugged into a computer.  I'm pretty sure that's how Lady Gaga makes her records.)
This is a coffee table.  You will notice that I only read books that have an orangish cover.  Keep that in mind when you are designing your next $20 or $30 hardcover graphic novel that I will never buy.  I'm excited about having a coffee table.  I've not had one since my first kid got tall enough to smash her head on it.
Here is my in-wall state of the art Nutone hi-fidelity system.
I live better electrically.  Do you live better electrically?  Well, you should.  My house is a Gold Medallion Home?  Is your house a Gold Medallion Home?  If it is, then it should have a gold medallion on it.  I'll wait while you go look for it.
No medallion?  Sorry, we can't all be winners.
Here is a clock that looks like an anchor and a painting of a mountain I did when I was a little kid.

Those two totally not creepy old timey pictures are of my great great grandmother and my great great great grandmother.  I think.  Maybe?
Between them and Dale Earnhardt looking over me, there is no way any bad business is going to take place in this room.
Here is a globe my dad had.  Over North America it reads "allegedly".

Here is like a quarter of a million minicomics I still need to review.
Some of my favorite wrestlers.  Ric Flair, Daniel Bryan and Yoda.  That time Yoda and Dusty Rhodes beat the Russians at Starcade 87 was the best.
Han Solo on a tauntaun.  Just in case.
These guys.  Ugh.
Here is a big old jug and some of my dad's old boots.  Just in case.
My dad got this plaque for being the CMAA Angler of the Year.  (I think angler means fisherman.)
Here is a fish he caught.  It's big.  And shiny. It is looking right at you. Always.  Always looking right at you.
Some other books where the authors were too damn lazy to draw pictures.  Why did I even buy those things?  Worthless.
Some old movie posters.  Just in case.
Some comics and magazines that are too big for their britches and won't fit in a bookcase.
This guy doesn't do anything.
Warlord, Savage Dragon and Sting.  Just in case.
Ya never know.
And here is the view from the back porch.
Okay, I'm through posting pictures now.  I'll let you know whenever I get around to actually making something in this new "studio" den.  (Basement.)

Your best pal ever,

Shannon Smith

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