27 July 2008

Go see my comics on The Comic Book Haters Video Podcast.

Comic Book Haters Indie Spotlight: Shannon Smith from The Comic Book Haters on Vimeo.
Four of my minicomics are featured on the latest episode of The Comic Book Haters Indie Spotlight Video Podcast. They have a mixed reaction to the comics which is to be expected because the four minis I sent in have almost nothing in common with each other. Not sure what I was thinking. I think I just sent in what I had with me at that moment. I realized when they held it up to the camera that the copy of Brush & Pen I sent was a misprint. Oh well. Blame my agent. Doh! I am my agent. Schooly G seemed to like Brush & Pen and I Killed Rock N' Roll. They all seemed to like Phillip. I think they respected the stuff overall and they used the term "hardcore indie" a few times so I'm cool with that. It is a very unique review format because it is really just three guys talkin' 'bout comics and they may or may not have read them so you get that first gut reaction, which is pretty cool. Check it out for yourself. Warning! They exercise their rights as Americans to use dirty words.
If you want to buy some of the books and the pay pal buttons don't work, just email me. I've got some new books to add to the shop and I need to fix some of the old buttons. I have a new third edition of Brush & Pen available but it is not in the store yet. You can just email if you want it. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll get it fixed soon.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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