03 June 2009

My book Addicted to Distraction #1 reviewed at High-Low.

Rob Clough at High-Low has posted a nice review of Addicted to Distraction #1. Rob says, "All told, this wasn't an earth-shattering collection of stories, but it was one without any pretenses of such." Which is pretty much how I feel about it. It is a one man anthology book made up mostly of whatever comics I had on my thumb drive at the moment. It is mostly auto-bio sketchbook comics so the drawings look like... sketch book comics. It is what it is but I think it's a good and funny read and that everyone should go to here and buy seven copies.
As a side note, Rob's blog post also talks about John Porcellino so it's just kinda cool for me to be on the same introwebnet page as King-Cat even if only by cowinkydink. Rob mentions that John is 40 now. I can't decide if that makes me feel old or young.
Thanks to Rob for reading and reviewing it so quickly. The whole comp copy mail out review thing is weird. You shell out the postage and send your little books out into the void never really knowing if they will be read much less reviewed. Then by the time you've forgotten you ever sent them out a review pops up and you say, "hey, that's my book! Hooray!".

I'm sure Stephen King feels exactly the same way.

Anywho. Go read the review here and go buy my comics here.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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