20 October 2009

Everything you ever need to know about Batman in one page.

(As they say on teh intronets, "click to enlarge". From Batman and the Outsiders #1.)
I mentioned this page in the comments section of my last post about my daughter's Batman and The Outsiders comics. Drawn by Jim Aparo and written by Mike Barr, this page is a great example of the one page origin re-cap you used to see in comics. It's from the first issue of what was a new series so, I guess, there is a possibility someone reading the comic back in 1983 might nave needed a Batman re-fresher. Probably not. Who cares? It's a great page of comics either way. It captures not only his origin but how it shapes his character and how that makes him different from the other heroes. Aparo uses iconic imagery from old Batman comics and makes them his own. And, it smells really, really good.

Your best pal ever,
Shannon Smith
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