Comic Books:
Glorp Comics & Stories Vol. 4 No. 1.  Script "Safety First Skater Latter".
Twin Cities Freakout.  Writer of editorial content.
Boogie Jam 4 Ever.  Artist "Sumo Monster Truck Battle".

Comics Anthologies:
Shiot Crock volumes 11 through 15.  Contributor.
Shiot Crock volume 16.  Contributor, editor and publisher.
The Dollar Bin.  Contributor.
The Dollar Bin Comics Stars issues 3 and 6.  Contributor.
Narrative Corpse 2 (online anthology). Contributor.
Fluke.  (Two or three issues.  I forget.)  Contributor.
Candy or Medicine.  Contributor. 
My Name is... Jonah FCBD.  Contributor.
Illustrated Wallace Stevens (online anthology round table).  Contributor.

Spaghetti Junktion #1
Spaghetti Junktion #2
Failure Funnies #1
Brush & Pen: Righty Tighty Lefty Lucy
Phillip Henry Boob Goblin
A-Symmetrical O-Possum
I Killed Rock N' Roll
Small Bible: The Old Testament
Shannon Smith is Addicted to Distraction #1
Shannon Smith is Addicted to Distraction #2 #RockingSoHard
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uberballoon #negativeinfinietzero.1b
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uberballoon #negativeinfinietzero.1e

The Sickness of Fandom.  Wide Awake Press.  Contributor.  Written article.
The Atomic Elbow Issue No. 3.  Second Period Industries.  Contributor.  Written article.

BAM The Big Ass Mini. Contributor.
BAM Too! The Big Ass Mini-Comic #2. Contributor.
The Atomic Elbow - The First Four Issues published by Evil Weevil Records.  Contributor.  Written article.

Miscellaneous Online Articles and Reviews for:
The Tech Independent
Pop Matters
Heavenly Thunder
Shannon Smith is Addicted to Distraction
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